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Snowboard Stickers

Free snowboard stickers

Free Snowboard Stickers

Free Stickers for Snowboarders

What does a new clean snowboard need?

It’s a little personalization with your own unique design using stickers from your favorite brands.

But how do you get a bunch of big stickers, without begging your local snowboard shop or waiting for an event to come around?

** DOWNLOAD our Snowboard Sticker Request Letter & Address List at the bottom of the page! **

You are giving these companies free brand exposure when you rock their stickers, so don’t ever pay for another logo sticker ever again. Getting free snowboard stickers is easier than you think!

There are a few ways get a huge collection of snowboard stickers from great brands, such as Oakley, Ride, Skull Candy and many more. The first, is to spend some time looking through each company’s website for a FAQ or page with directions requesting stickers.

A good tactic that will make this process go quicker is by using the search syntax below. Just paste the text below into Google, replacing the domain with a snowboard company’s website address.

site:snowboardcompany.com “stickers”

Snowboard Stickers

Snowboard Stickers

Only a portion of companies will have an online option for requesting snowboard stickers. To ensure you get stickers from all the brands that you love, you will have to do some marketing and send out physical letters to each company. This takes a little work, but it is worth the stacks of stickers you will receive back in the mail.

Here is what you do:

Write up a personalized letter introducing yourself and how you love snowboarding and their brand. Also, explain how you will promote their brand, on your snowboard, helmet etc. You could even include a photo of yourself shredding to add a little personal touch!

If you type and print up your letters then be sure to sign it personally at the bottom. Try not to make it look mass produced and you lessen the risk of it being thrown away.

TIP: To increase your chances of getting stickers back in the mail, include a self-addressed envelope stamped with return postage along with your letter. Make it as easy as possible for someone at the snowboard company to fill it up with stickers and drop if back in the mail.

Were do you mail your letters? Just go search your favorite company’s website for their mailing address or headquarters. This can typically be found at the bottom of the company’s website or on the contact page.

This is a lot of searching, typing and envelope stuffing, but you are in luck! We have already done the tedious work for you!

Download Our Proven Sticker Letter & Company Address List

Enter your name and e-mail below and
be instantly sent a PDF that includes:

• The exact sticker request letter we’ve perfected to get tons of stickers in the mail!
• Our list of mailing addresses for the top snowboard companies.
• Links to companies with online sticker request options.

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