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Ride Agenda 2012: Understanding the Rider-Ride Bond

This is one of the few boards that truly understand the rider. The Ride Agenda 2012 is a cheaper alternative to most other brands you see but the performance remains to be at par with the more expensive boards. It has a LowRize rocker, durable P-tex as sidewalls and a Tuned Core Foundation.


Ride Agenda 2012The Ride Agenda 2012 is a rocker-type board powered with the LowRize Rocker technology. As a rocker, it lifts all contact points out of the snow while giving you a nearly flat zone beneath your feet. It is soft enough for a comfortable ride but is rigid enough for freestyle all-mountain riding.

To encourage speed, the board comes with a Thin Con Construction. This allows for a tapered tip and tail to enhance flex, run past effective edge and reduce swing weight. The core is made of wood wrapped in biaxial glass laminate for a forgiving ride. Meanwhile, its Foundation Tuned Core retains flex and pop in your every move on snow.

Further, the sidewalls help maintain your stability by filtering feedback. You won’t believe that you’ll get this high level of durability and stability for a cheap cost!


Sufficient reviews have established that the Ride Agenda 2012 is unbeatable if compared with boards against its price range. It has good flex and mellow carves that you can use with little to no effort. It works best in all mountain ranges and parks but will still perform on groomers, rails, pipe and powder.

Switches are excellent and so do jumps. The excellent edge control allows for easy turn initiations. The Ride Agenda is best recommended for entry level riders who are looking to enjoy their ride in the parks and/or working on new tricks in the mountain. It will also be an excellent choice for a second board for advanced riders.

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