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Magne Traction Snowboard Technology

magne-traction snowboard technology

Magne Traction Snowboard Technology

With a conventional snowboard you can easily lose control on icy surfaces. Lib Tech snowboards has recently solved this problem with its new technology – “Magne-Traction”.

Basically, Magne Traction is a wavvy side-cut on each edge of the snowboard, similar to a serrated edge of a knife. This provides more edge contact points then just the snowboard’s nose and tail. The design allow riders to cut through the iciest snow and gives the rider more confidence at higher speeds.

Traditional snowboard, push pressure through the feet and out to the widest area of the snowboard, the contact points of the nose and tail. Magne-Traction maximizes the edge pressure in the middle of the snowboard allowing you to ride with more control in unsatisfactory  terrain. Standard snowboards have 2 contact points compared to Magne-Traction snowboards, which have 7. When 2 end contact points lose their grip, the magne-traction snowboard still has 5 more that keep control.

Magne Traction can work for everyone including beginners, freestyle riders or freeriders. Any ability of snowboarder would benefit the Magne-Traction bumps extra control. Riders can go faster, and have more control and an easier ride. Snowboarders who detune their edges for jibbing rails should definitely have Magne-Traction because even when heavily detuned the wavvy sidecuts still hold the edge. The Magne-Traction snowboards are great for those icy halfpipes too. The snowboard locks into the walls and maintain speed across the half-pipe flat bottoms to increase your air and amplitude.

A few other snowboard brands have included Magne-Traction technology in their snowboards. Rossignol Magne-Traction snowboards ride, look and feel different. They are build with full wrap steel surrounding its very durable construction. This snowboard rips through the choppy snow and ice extremely easily. Rossignol includes a tighter sidecut radius allowing easy turns yet still keeping top speeds. Roxy and GNU also make a Magne-Traction snowboard.

Snowboards using Magne-Traction technology will increase its edge hold and control in icy conditions, more power when initiating turns, tighter arcs and less chance of sliding out on turns. Magne-Traction makes snowboards ride smoother, and allow a higher level of performance.

Are you riding a Mange Traction snowboard?

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    These snowboards are the best around, I ride them all the time on hard ice and they do great. Thanks!

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