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TRS Total Ripper Series 2012: A Top-of-the-Line All-Terrain, Freestyle Snowboard from Lib Tech

Another excellent offering from Lib Tech’s long line of top-quality snowboards, riders, especially advanced-level ones, can only expect great performance, and more, from the TRS Total Ripper Series 2012. This hybrid camber type of snowboard is built particularly for all-terrain, freestyle snowboard riders who aim for, or want to try, harder and more aggressive rides.


Libtech TRS Total RipperThe Lib Tech TRS Total Ripper Series 2012 carries a true twin shape, one of the most prominent shapes for snowboards, and a versatile design that can easily adapt to different types of riding conditions. The snowboard also features a Magne-Traction technology, which means its edges are serrated and jagged for better edge hold and grasp, as well as for better control all throughout the ride. Meanwhile, the bumps are strategically positioned across the snowboard, with the biggest bumps positioned between the rider’s feet, providing the rider maximum control and power, and with the smaller ones, which are positioned outside the rider’s feet, helping the rider achieve less aggressive yet better tip and tail control. This Lib Tech 2012 snowboard also boasts of power transfer internal sidewalls, which add superior pop and snap, and board control, as well as a Columbian gold core, which provides the highest compression response and which is the highest compression response snowboards can ever be manufactured with. Lastly, the Total Ripper Series 2012 combines basalt and fiberglass, both known for their strength and damping properties, thus providing smooth and stable rides.

Level of Quality

When it comes to quality, the Lib Tech TRS Total Ripper Series is supreme. Since its introduction, it has received a total of seven Good Wood awards, which means it has proven itself, again and again, to provide superb performance in terms of freestyle riding on different conditions and terrains, from rails to pipes. Also, featuring stiffer flex and the famous banana camber combination, the Lib Tech Total Ripper Series snowboard entails easy turns, excellent edge hold, and of course aggressive and powerful rides at all times.

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