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GNU Carbon Credit Series 2012: Re-Inventing Snowboarding

GNU Carbon CreditIf you want to grab a board that gives you ultimate freedom on snow, the GNU Carbon Credit Series should be it. GNU has been fulfilling its promise of freestyle versatility to beginners and intermediates and this new addition is yet another success.


The GNU Carbon Credit Series is built with the manufacturer’s signature Banana Technology that puts a rocker between your feet. Just like a banana, the board’s tip and tail is slightly elevated but the base remains perfectly flat. This allows you to gain better control of the board during transitions and floats.

Then the Magne-Traction at the base provides seven contact points on each side of the board, resulting in extreme control regardless of the snow conditions in the mountain. The board’s core is carved from Lightweight Mervin wood and then protected by double sintered sidewalls. The combination of these two produce a snowboard that is light, durable, lively and almost maintenance-free.

Then all these top technologies for riders are covered with layers of biaxial woven fiberglass with a 2-way orientation. The fiberglass does not add much weight so it’s not a burden to the board and the rider. Rather, the covering not only protects the core but also adds in the board’ overall pop and stability.

GNU Carbon Credit2Performance

All in all, the GNU Carbon Credit Series is widely applauded by riders because of its superior carving ability in almost all conditions – park, rail, pipe, mountain and powder. It is fast without sacrificing stability so it doesn’t go out of control when you’re moving downhill.

It has excellent flexibility so you are fully supported regardless of the number and intensity of the transitions that you do. You remain well-balanced on it before and after you do pops, turns and twists.

The bottom line is that the GNU Carbon Credit Series has reinvented snowboarding. It has removed all previous limitations about the sport so you get to appreciate the thrill and sudden rush of adrenaline without crossing the boundaries of safety.

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