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Burton Barracuda 2012: The Snowboard for Hard and Smooth Rides, and for Riders Big and Small

Combining cutting-edge technology from Burton’s classic boards, Supermodel and Malolo, the Burton Barracuda 2012 is designed for different types of riders, and for riding in different types of terrains under varied conditions. The hybrid camber Barracuda, as the name implies, is perfect even for those with big body built and size, and those within the 210 pounds weight range, making it one of the very few boards for big guys who want to try freeriding.

Burton BarracudaCharacteristics

Carrying the Burton exclusive technology Gondola package, the Burton Barracuda 2012 entails lighter, faster, and stronger snowboarding experience. It is remarkable for its four-wheel drive for front, side, and backcountry snowboarding, and for its slightly tapered shape and directional flex. Built with a durable wood core, the Burton Barracuda also entails snappy and powerful turns. Meanwhile, the dual-zone wood grains that are strategically located along the toe and heel allow for better edge hold, and at the same time provide additional strength and stability. Additionally, its edges are built to extend further out beneath the board’s bindings, providing tremendous edge hold when snowboarding on hard and icy conditions, although riders can still aim for playful and forgiving snowboarding experience on softer and smoother conditions. Its abstract graphics created by the famous artist William Wasden of the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation of British Columbia, along with its excellent deck and base colors, also make Barracuda one of the most attractive and eye-catching Burton snowboards.

Level of Quality

Combine an excellent graphics and state-of-the-art snowboard technology, and you’ll get high-performance, all-terrain snowboard with Burton Barracuda 2012 – the perfect type of snowboard for intermediate to advanced riders, including those who are heavier and with bigger body built. It is also worth mentioning the durable and high-absorbent materials that Barracuda is built with, making it a low-maintenance yet high-quality and superfast snowboard. Whether riders are aiming for speedy and more aggressive rides or probably softer and smoother ones, Barracuda, with its exceptional features and exclusive technology package, can certainly provide that superb experience on snow.

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