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Best 2012 Snowboards

2012 snowboard reviewsTop 5 Snowboards this 2012 Season

The 2012 snowboard season is here and it is time to decide which snowboard you will use to shred the power and parks. Companies have been working hard to push progression and the ride of their snowboard and we are here to review the latest and greatest in 2012 snowboard technology.

Below are the top five 2012 snowboards that offer the best ride, most pop and responsive edge control. If you’ve had a chance to ride any of these snowboards already, then please leave a comment or review to help your fellow snowboarders decide. If you are still deciding, then use the snowboard sizing calculator to find the best snowboard size.

1) Lib Tech – Skate Banana

Lib Tech Skate Banana Review

Is that a Skate Banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to be snowboarding? The Skate Banana incorporates Lib Techs patented Magne-Traction edge which will keep you locked into your turn on any type of snow. This snowboard performs so well in all conditions because it has a specific pressure map that will make every turn easy to initiate, it is also almost catch-free and can be forgiving for the rider. The Skate Banana floats effortlessly through the powder, and is a great setup for jibbing and other freestyle and terrain park fun. From rails, and jumps to powder, groomers, and all snow types in between the Skate Banana does it all with ease and control like no other 2012 snowboard available.

2) Ride Kink

Ride Kink review

If you like rails, jumps and all around jibbing and buttering fun, then the 2012 Ride Kink snowboard is your best option to improve your bag of tricks. The 2012 snowboard is designed with Ride’s ProRize™ Rocker, making this twin snowboard built for going huge in the park with unmatched stability and pop. The Ride Kink also includes Ride’s newer snowboard innovation, the SlimeWalls, which are virtually indestructible and absorb the bumps on the terrain, making it one of the smoother freestyle snowboards available. This board is built sturdy, with 50% more steel to prevent cracking, while still remaining light and flexible. If you ride hard and go big, then the Ride Kink is what you need this 2012 snowboard season!

3) Forum – Young Blood

Forum Young Blood review

The Forum Young Blood snowboards are one of the most popular snowboards around and the 2012 model will be no different. There are two models of the Young Blood snowboard including the DoubleDog, which is the more aggressive model and the ChillyDog, which is the looser more forgiving model. The Young Blood snowboard offers great flex and pop for the terrain park with its unique Camber sections under each boot that adds power to pop you off jumps, while rocker between the rider’s boots, nose and tail make the entire snowboard forgiving and fun.

4) GNU – Park Pickle

Gnu Park Pickle review

The 2012 GNU Park Pickle is by far one of the most favorite freestyle terrain park snowboards available, used by top pros like Forest Bailey. The snowboard’s Asymmetric sidecuts and Banana rocker shape between the boots make the GNU Park Pickle an easy catch-free ride with great float in powder, which is hard to find in a freestyle terrain park oriented snowboard. On the Park Pickle your stance will push out the rocker and provides powerful pop, while the tail and nose of the snowboard makes enough contact to create stability without limiting its float in the deep powder. Riders can also make tighter turns with the incorporation of the magne-traction edge technology, which acts like a knife cutting through hard packed snow, which makes a great ride through icy parks and halfpipes. If you love the terrain park, then you will love the GNU Park Pickle.

5) Burton – Whammy Bar

Burton Whammy Bar Review

The 2012 Whammy Bar snowboard by Burton is another amazing terrain park stomping machine. It offer great flex and pop that come from the power of the V-Rocker shape, which is Burtons trademarked design. The V Rocker™ is a continuous rocker that is centered between the riders boots creating a catch-free and playful ride. At the core of the snowboard is Burton’s Super Fly® Core with Dual-zone™ EGD, which is lighter than last year’s model and loaded with pop for an extra boost in the terrain park. The 2012 Whammy bar design has an improved floaty ride from peak to park.

You can not go wrong with any of these snowboards, as the innovation and snowboard technology is better than anything else that has been built in past years. If you haven’t upgraded you snowboard in the last few years, then you will be blown away with how smooth and aggressive all these snowboards can be.

If you have had a chance to ride any of these 2012 snowboard already then please leave a comment and share your experience and review. Pray for snow and a long 2012 snowboard season!

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